How does the Pay-Per-View process work?

Pay-Per-View Process

A company register as an organization by the person that will administer and track training.

This will allow the account administrator the ability to create accounts for employees, purchase credits available to all personnel, print reports, and have access to their employee's compliance status and exam scores.

Please review the registration steps below. You may click on each image for a larger view.

When registering as an organization you must choose the appropriate account type.

Select the organization option and fill in the required fields.
You will first want to purchase credits.

Simply select the amount of credits you would like to purchase from the options listed. These credits will be available to the account holder as well as to any personnel added under their organization. 

Once an account has been created for an associate, the system will notify them via email that an account was created. Newly created accounts will be assigned a default password and are required to change it during initial login.

At this time the organization should also send a company email to inform employees of the specific course(s) needed to be taken.
Account holders registered as an organization can then upload a list of associates into the system or enter them individually.

These associates will be automatically assigned to the organization and have access to the system and available credits.

The account administrator has the ability to monitor exam scores and run reports on individuals or on courses taken. 

Course catalog:
After an employee logs in they will have access to the available credits within the organization.

They will go to the 'Course Catalog' tab and purchase the appropriate course using their credits.


  Once a course is purchased it will then be located under the 'My Courses' tab.

Select 'Begin Course' to start the course.
Walking - Working Surfaces Safety Elearning Course

  • No long-term commitments
  • No expensive server maintenance
  • No expensive LMS costs
  • No worries about connectivity or Bandwidth

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Walking - Working Surfaces Safety Elearning Course
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